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10 Tips for to Get Your Blog Off the Ground and Thriving

Starting a blog is a great way to generate income as a creator, but it certainly isn’t a quick way to success. When I first relaunched my blog, I knew there were going to be roadblocks to overcome as I made the switch over to more focused content, and beginning to tap into what I’ve learned since writing on other platforms online. My biggest hurdle was garnering traffic on a sight that was primarily geared towards a niche topic because now that I’ve been broadening my horizons, I had to find a way to collectively display everything in a clean, inviting way.

If you’re now starting a blog or are looking to generate traffic for your website, here are ten tips that are going to help you get your blog off the ground and remain thriving as it continues to blossom into something great.

10 Tips to Get Your Blog Off the Ground and Thriving

“It takes focus, effort, and consistency to create a profitable site in the digital space, but it is more doable now than ever.”

1. Start Visualizing Your Blog as a Business

By visualizing your blog as a business, you’re more likely going to want to show up to create content. It’s a small shift in perspective that makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something even though you’re just in the beginning stages of building your site. You’re going to want to figure out your website design, layout, and how you want your content to be presented to your audience.

2. Seek New Ways to Innovate

You want people to visit your site and keep coming back for more, and that requires well-written, thought-out content that gives your readers or viewers some value. Think about what you can teach them about what you’ve learned from your experiences that you may want to share. I’ve noticed that people tend to tune in when they realize that you actually like what you’re talking about. There will come a time where your content may begin to feel a bit dry, and if that’s the case, it’s time that you start looking for new ways to innovate.

Try writing about something new, a shift in perspective, talk about the book you just finished and can’t wait to talk about. Engage with your readers on a personal level, and they’ll undoubtedly want to keep checking in to see what’s up next.

3. Learn to Adapt

Even when you feel like you’re not succeeding, there is always room to try something new. I’ve experienced this quite a lot throughout my writing career, whether that’d be blogging or working as a freelancer. I would come down so hard on myself for not succeeding or having the best readership, but I never took the time to adapt to how every platform eventually changes. As time progresses, people are going to want to interact with different topics, ideas, and thoughts. As much as writing about one thing from a single angle may garner traffic now, that may change later on. Always be willing to adapt.

4. Find Your Niche

If you could sum up your blog content in three words, what would they be? I always knew that I enjoyed writing about the writing process, productivity, business-building tips, and just about everything in between. So, when I started this blog, I knew I wanted to capture all of those forms of content under one roof, but they aren’t very different from each other. I keep all of my focused content in separate categories, which are easily accessible on the homepage of my blog, and I keep the personal stuff in the Diary tab, so I have a place to share my writing journey.

My three words are: Create, Write, and Inspire

I want to not only have a place to share all of my writing and personal experiences, but I knew that was the kind of content that made me happy and continually got me excited to write.


5. Engage With Your Community

This was a tough one for me because I’m very much an introvert, but I’ve noticed how included I feel just from a few twitter conversations with other writers or creators. It’s incredible to see just how speaking to someone briefly about something you both share can inspire you to get back to work. This especially helps me whenever I find that I’m lacking motivation or struggling to write my next post.


6. Read, Watch, and Listen as Much as You Create

It’s a part of your job as a creator to keep learning from others. By reading, watching, and listening to other creators in your community, people you look up to, or simply trying out something you haven’t interacted with before-it will significantly help your content creation. I’ve noticed that I particularly lack in the inspiration department whenever I stop reading or making the time to consume as much content as I create.


7. Be Consistent

This is the most important one when it comes to getting your blog off the ground and keep it thriving. If you want to garner traffic and gain a loyal audience, then people have to know what kind of content to expect from you and when. If your schedule is all over the place, and you’re posting once a month, it’s time you figure out a better way to remain consistent so people can see your hard work.


8. Create a Game-Plan

Alongside remaining consistent, a game-plan is necessary to view the direction of your blog as well as keep track of your progress. I start every workday writing out a list of all the things I want to do and narrow it down to the things I have to do. By doing this, I can move tasks around in my calendar to better fit my needs, but I’m also able to stay on top of my content creation, so everything gets published on time.

Make use of your planning tools: an old-fashioned notebook, google calendar, or trelloI use them all, but use whatever works with you. The last thing you need is for your schedule to overwhelm you.


9. Be Patient

Growth takes a lot of time and effort, and most of the time, it doesn’t happen overnight. I know that not seeing success straightaway may make you want to quit, but the important thing to remember is that as long as you keep working, creating, and remaining consistent-you will gain the readership you’re looking for. I struggled to stay on top of all my tasks, especially when I wasn’t getting so much as a single read on a blog post. Though, by pushing through and putting in the work, I started to grow.


10. Don’t Rely on Trends for Traffic, Work on What You  Care About

When I first started writing online, I would only write in topics that were doing well at the time. While tapping into the trends every once in a while can be a good idea, it’s essential not to forget what you’re trying to bring to the table. If you’re writing about a topic you really don’t care about, someone is going to be able to tell. I’ve always stuck to writing about the topics that interest me, the ones I can give a unique perspective on, and that has been my best move thus far.

Work on what you care about, create content that makes you happy, and you will get your blog off the ground. Plan ahead and take it one day at a time. You’ll be well on your way to creating and maintaining a successful site.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post! Let’s stay in touch.

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Anisa Nasir is a freelance writer and aspiring novelist. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and family. She’s the writer behind As She Writes.

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