What Have I Been Up To Tonight? ^_^

Hola Guys! I have just spent the last few hours getting together my cast list and ideas for my Vampire Diaries fan fiction, which I am very, very excited about! I will share character POVs as soon as I get at least the first chapter up! Hmm. That’s about it for now, I know, very short […]

The Many Accomplishments! :D

Hey guys! I just wanted to share with you that my work on Wattpad has reached 300 votes, and I’d like to thank everyone that helped me get there. I hope I can improve much more in the future. The ATTY’s on Wattpad (A Poetry Contest) is opening up on August 1st, and I’m going […]

Update Anyone? (:

Hola x I am currently producing plenty of poetry, and I will upload all of them onto Wattpad (soon, I don’t know, it’s not loading >.<) and I will share some with you guys. Today’s been a pretty slow day, but I’ll be sure to have something up by tonight at least ^.^   Adios! […]

I’m Back ^.^

Hello to all my fellow bloggers! I know, I kinda cleared out of here a while back, but it was so I could clear my mind and my blog so I could just talk freely. I want to be able to enjoy blogging again you know? Well, I guess here I will mostly share my […]

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