I’m Back ^.^

Hello to all my fellow bloggers! I know, I kinda cleared out of here a while back, but it was so I could clear my mind and my blog so I could just talk freely. I want to be able to enjoy blogging again you know? Well, I guess here I will mostly share my love for writing, or virtually anything that I find interesting. Hope you guys enjoy what I post (Don’t kill me :P) Well, for starters! I’m ninja reading amazing stories on Wattpad! Well, currently I’m reading “The Vampire In The Pink Wedding Dress’ by the user: angeltwist. I’ve got to say! Like all the other books by this user, this one has got me hooked and I absolutely LOVE it.

So guys, if you’re on Wattpad & you have no idea what to read, be sure to give it a read alright?

Also, I read ‘The Girl In The Blue Hoodie” by the user: toth3m00n4ndb4ck

It is probably one teen fiction book that has got me this hooked! Please, all my fellow Wattpaders out there, go, go, go!

I hope you guys weren’t too bored by my update ^.^ Will talk more tomorrow!

What to expect from my blog:

-Discussions on Writing and what I love about it.

-Poetry Updates

-Favorite Books & Amazing Reads

-Books or Poetry that I am writing, Discussion of Characters, etc.



Anisa Nasir


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