Update! Kinda :3

Hey guys! Well, I was thinking, that I’d start a quote category xD Each author must house their inspiration somewhere right? I take more interest in the Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne side of literature, y’know? Movies such as The Nightmare Before Christmas (and virtually anything by Tim Burton) If you get what I’m sayin’ xD

Guess who finished the prologue for her “Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction” & I’m really excited! I mean, I had written it before, but of course I wasn’t happy with it so I did it over, and it took a completely different direction than the first one! I love it when that happens! Anyway, I better get back to sleeping…er writing 🙂 Hey, it is Monday! -.-

I’ve also been wrapped up in my poetry collection for the Atty’s & I gotta get back to that! :3

Also, I hope you like the new blog layout!



Anisa Nasir


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