Dear Diary: Going Home Tomorrow! ♥

Dear Diary,

I’m going back to FL tomorrow, for one more taste of freedom before school starts. I hate school, so much. I wish Summer could last forever =( I mean, there are people that we’d all like to avoid, and I guess we’re going to have to face them sooner or later right? Today was Hell. I mean, I felt so good, everything was going right, I was talking to himThe one? Who knows?

It was one of those days when you realize that you read all the signs all wrong. That, he’s still hung up on his ex, and you’ll never be good enough. I try to tell myself that I could do better, but can I? He is everything, I’ve ever wanted.

“All we can do, is try our hardest not to break, because we don’t wanna prove that all this time it was, fake.”

Anisa Nasir


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