Dear Diary: Overworked & In Dire Need Of Caffeine + New Book Trailer! :D

Dear Diary,

School has been so hectic. It’s been what, four days and I’m already overworked and believe me when I say that I’m not exaggerating! There’s so much to do, and I wish I just had a longer time to do it. I finished all that is due tomorrow, so that is why I got a little time to get on my computer, but it’s been really hard. I did manage to get a new book trailer in! If you want, you may check it out!

That One Bad Boy by: Domo_Love (Wattpad User)

Link To Me:

I can only hope that tomorrow’s not as hectic as today was 🙁 Wish me luck!

Anisa Nasir



  1. Sweet blog, I loved the read. I will be sharing this with a friend!

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