Dear Diary: Life Seems, Pretty Good + Update!

Dear Diary,

This week has come to an end (Well, it is Saturday!) And I had a pretty great day! (Psshhh, I don’t say that often >.<) Anyway, I have a lot of studying to do, because I have three tests on Monday, and I’m running for student council treasurer :/ (?) I know, I’m a little shocked that I actually decided to run, because I absolutely HATE getting up and talking in front of people. I just have to hope that I don’t screw up, freeze, or fall flat on my face ^_^

Now, for an update on my writing:

I’m almost done putting together the free verse version of what will be my sonnet (I always brainstorm in free verse first :D) and I think it’s coming around pretty good! I’m also still in the process of writing my fan fiction, that is coming together just as I wanted it! I have a lot to in the next few hours, which includes writing, writing, editing, and writing! Yes, so let me go get back to that! 😀

Guess who has a new favorite band? I DO x Anyone ever heard of “Breathe Carolina” Well, their music is (insert approved shake of the head here) Yes! If you haven’t checked them out, and you’re into that rock, pop kind of thing, then head on over! 😀

Anisa Nasir



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