Poetry: Sonnet + Free Verse ♥

Hey guys! Well, both of these poems are available on Wattpad, but I’m happy to share them here as well! So stay tuned:

Sonnet: Shattered Symphony

My love deepens, upon the breath of dusk

Thy heart awakens the tenor in thee

Defenseless to thee, so fearlessly brusque 

A broken symphony, entwined in me.

Forever lasts, like fair floral scarlet

Immortality, thy love is my key

The night brings a sky so subtly starlit

These songs of envy, meaningless I see.

Remorseful, reminiscing the rare rain

My heart hidden in a hollow oak tree

This melody withers, upon the pain

Thy demise, I will mourn my loss of thee.

Enraptured, in thy somber silhouette

I’ll miss the beauty, of our dark duet.

Free Verse: Black Tears

The sudden pulse has stopped, frozen

Like a bloodthirsty spider, a web woven

Caught in it I am, and the hunger lives on

For I cry black tears until the dawn.


Belief in your lies, has led me here

Wherever I go, my heart lives in fear

You’ve played me like lion’s prey, hunting fawn

Though, I’ve cried black tears until the dawn. 


For this time, I’ll remain awake and alone

My suffering abides, though you’ve condoned

Broken art, ink colors my heart, pencil drawn

Now, I cry black tears until the dawn.


Tainted, is my soul and subtle, dying whispers

Did you remember me, when you kissed her?

Of all this pain, this game has undergone

Only black tears, cried until dawn. 

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Hope you guys enjoyed reading that! ♥

Anisa Nasir


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