Dear Diary: To That Boy ✒ + Now Playing! ♫

Well, hello to the weekend! Yes, it has been so long awaited. Here I go blabbing about my fifteen year old drama problems. Here’s the moment where you don’t know who to trust with the truth, who to believe, or who will stand by you no matter what. Well, today was one of those days when you play everything he’s ever done, every moment over in your head trying to see.


Then comes the moment you realize, he won’t be worth it after all. If you’ve ever felt like you’re not good enough, then listen to me when I tell you that yes, you are good enough. Just because he can’t see how good you are, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. There was this guy, who I thought changed my life, but honestly all he did was make me realize that I could be doing so many more things with my life than crying myself to sleep at night, every night.


Find something you love and stick to it, because once you do, I’m telling you that no matter what hurts you in life, you’ll have something to fall back on. Something that’ll never betray you.


Here’s to my new favorite artist (for today :$)


She’s beautiful & very, very talented. For you guys that haven’t heard of her, be sure to check out one of her songs below!

Anisa Nasir


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