Dear Diary: All I Have Is Hope + Update! ♥

Dear Diary,

Well, today was so hard. You know that feeling when you’re close family member has become hospitalized, and you were there throughout it all? I just feel in shock; completely and irrevocably numb. I’ve been trying all day to just pick myself up, and do something to keep my mind off what was going on, and that’s when I decided to write a bit. It did help, and I think my mind has cleared a little, and I can focus on important things as well as handle the situation better.

As for the update, of course, well my computer recently lost a few of my files, including chapter three and four of my fan-fiction (One of those days where nothing goes right :/) and I have to rewrite them. I always back-up, but the day I decided to skip, is the day I learnt my lesson. Anyway, I might as well go and take some rest, I’ve been at it since 5:30 this morning.

Peace and Love,
Anisa Nasir


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