Dear Diary: Plans For The Future + Update!

Dear Diary,

Here we are again, back on this roller coaster called Life. I mean, being a teenager, is absolute stress. Well, “trying” is stress. It is definitely worth it in the end, but pushing through it just seems too hard sometimes. All of us have trust issues, painstaking decisions, and all of the schoolwork that we try to keep up with. You know what I want to do? Sit, and cry. Honestly, I’ve been trying to stay strong for the longest while, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. You know?

Apart from that, I have a LOT of writing going on right now (I just wrote “write now” :P) I’m going for the NaNoWriMo this year! Yes! I’m going to try to write a 50,000 word novel in the timespan of a month. I can do this! B) I also have my fanfic going, and two more poems to be written to bring my Attys Collection to an end. I can only hope I can be able to deal with everything that’s going on, and write because it’s the only thing that is keeping me going, honestly.

Anisa Nasir


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