Just Writing: Favorite Artists That Inspire My Writing [Behind The Great Plot Twists & The Awesome Characters] ;) ♥

Hey guys! Well, I just want to start writing something in one of my new categories and this one is entitled “Just Writing” and it’s just an open opportunity to talk about things that I love. ♥ Here, I’d like to talk a little about my favorite music artists, and how much they really influence my writing.

My number one favorite artist is…


Why? There are so many reasons that I just can’t count, but her music has brought me through so much and it continues to bring me back every time I fall down. Being a fiction novelist (or dream of :P) I listen to a lot of symphonic metal and things like that from bands like:

– Within Temptation

– Epica

– Delain

– Eowyn

But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t listen to everyday pop music too. I do love music that puts me in a good mood, but I always find my novels reaching better heights of imagination when I listen to these bands above. I am in love with music that has a meaning, and Amy Lee’s music never fails to show that.

“It’s never enough for you, baby, don’t wanna play your games anymore. I’m all out of love for you, baby and now that I’ve tried everything, I’ll numb the pain till I am made of stone.” – Evanescence (Made of Stone)

And above all, Amy Lee’s voice is so powerful, so uplifting in so many ways. For those of you who haven’t listened to her, I suggest you check her out. I’ll place my favorite song below:




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