Update: Happy Holidays Guys! Here’s What I’m Up To! ^_^ ♥

Hey guys, well I spent the whole day lazing around and reading a few really good books on Wattpad, that I will review once I get some time. 😀 I hope all of you guys are having great Holidays, and even though I’m spending mine practically alone, I won’t let that stop me from being happy. ^_^ Well, I decided to open a new category up on my here blog entitled: My Notebook.


Just in case I need a place to spill some un-published poetry, or write a short story without having to worry about having to publish it later, or how I’m going to get people to read it. It’ll just be a place for me to write. That’s all I could ever want. Just to pour my feelings out into my characters, and develop my writing skills. Besides that, when I write, I just feel like nothing can go wrong. As if I shelved my reality and took a step into someone else’s shoes for a short period of time, and believe me that feeling is absolutely unbeatable.



Sometimes, an escape is the best thing. Though, never leave behind what you’ve spent you’re entire life building, because then, then things will come crashing down. I have many more years to fully understand all of this, being fifteen, but I look forward to finally understanding it all. Thanks for reading you guys! ♥

-Anisa Nasir

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