Dear Diary: This Little Girl ♥

Dear Diary,

Back in school, and it’s like un-pausing a horror movie. Or at least it was. In the past few days, so much has happened and it all just makes me sick. Nothing hurts me more than betrayal, and liars. There happened to be a case just yesterday, and it turns out that the first time I let myself fall, like really fall in love, it never really was meant to be.

So, what am I supposed to do now? That’s right, move on. I’ve been through too much tragedy for a lifetime, and I’m done feeling like a second choice. There’s always a better way for all of us. We’re strong people, and we don’t need people stomping all over hearts that were meant to feel again. So, don’t shut it off, because honestly, every time pain comes your way, it leaves you ten times stronger than you were before. Whether you see it or not, you’re strong. 

Never let yourself feel worthless, and alone. No matter how far deep in trouble you are, there always is a way out. You aren’t worthless, you’re worth so much more than you can see. So smile, go out and smile. I walked into school today, and it took a lot of courage to face this boy, but I did, and it’s freeing. It’s absolutely freeing when you finally see how better off you are! This is reality. Your story deserves a better ending then a heartbreaker could give. So, go out and find it! 😉


Thanks for reading guys!


Anisa Nasir






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