Dare To Love A Dreamer ℑ


In came the wind that blackening night

The stirring in your sleep, no painless light

The hands of a murderer, your heartless knife

You left my bleeding heart, without a breath of life. 


I remember the day you spoke of your dreams

I remember the day you spoke of me

You had the world at your fingertips

Now you live a life of piercing bliss.


You whispered to me, your only one

You left with her, a hit and run

What is there left to redeem?

All because you dared to dream.


My dreams meant nothing, all immoral pretend

My heart you’ve stolen, my heart you’ve broken 

Who are you to dream of my end?

All to prove a lie, an immortal crime.


The weak girl in me, you’ve tried to reach her

This is the price I pay for loving a dreamer. 


Succumbed to my love, a pathway to see

For now I, have dared to dream. 

Copyright © 2012 Anisa Nasir
All Rights Reserved ©

Thanks for reading guys! Welcome to the first post in (My Notebook) ♥

I hope you like it! 😀

Anisa Nasir

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