Dear Diary: The Final Dawning ♥

Dear Diary,

You know when you tell yourself that you’re ready to move on, that the person you’ve spent forever loving just doesn’t matter anymore? Well, I’ve been telling myself that for about a year now. I’ve found myself right back where I started, and now I’d like history not to repeat itself.

I’d like to make a change in the pattern, I’d like to believe that I’m stronger than this. That I don’t have to succumb to this. In all honesty, no one deserves to feel like this. Sometimes, people get to you, sometimes they play you so good that when it’s all over, it never meant anything to begin with.

That is me.

There was nothing to gain, there was just that longing feeling inside of me to obtain something that never existed in the first place. Don’t waste your time being his secret, because you’re better than that. Don’t be his toy, because you’re better than that. You deserve a whole lot better than what you’re getting if you’re going through this too. There’s always a better way.

Thanks for reading! ♥

Anisa Nasir



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