Dream Chaser ℨ

Dream Chaser

So, you’ve finally succumb

The pain has made you numb

The actions of a heartbreaking menace

Leaves only a heart-aching grimace. 


A poet, I’ve been titled to say

This is my story, till this day

Feelings, my one and only muse

For the man I love, blew my final fuse.


You’ve chased a dream that tore you apart

But, you haven’t seen what you’ve done to my heart

My love wasn’t enough for you to believe

Now, I’m alone in this world, direly deceived.


Tell me again, how much your emotion entails

Every time you’ve tried, you’ve failed

You’re too far gone to rescue now

All they’ve ever done was pull you down.


Open your mind, like you’ve opened your heart

Show them you’re better than this, the final start

There’s just too much to live for,  I say

Chase another dream, until you’ve chased me away. 


 Copyright © 2012 Anisa Nasir

All Rights Reserved ©




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