Dear Diary: My Sweet Valentine + Update! ♥

Dear Diary,

“Now that the wait is over, and love has finally shown him my way.” – Train (Marry Me)

Okay, first thing, I’m not getting married! I’m fifteen 😛 I just enjoy that song! ♥ So here it is, I can finally say that I’ve waited, I’ve hurt, and I’ve healed. I’ve learnt to open up again, to not be afraid of what the future may bring. I’ve spent a year hung up on someone that I’m not sure even liked me much at all in the first place. Though, I’ve finally seen someone, someone that isn’t out to hurt me. Someone that I can enjoy talking to, that I can share interests with, someone that will never judge me. He really is, too good to be true, but now, he’s my valentine.

There was no awkward asking of it, there was no pain in the way, there was just a new beginning.

I’ve waited so long to be this happy again, I’ve waited so long to finally begin again. So, here’s to the end of the long painful pathway to a never-ending bliss. We are who we want to be, and it took me this long to realize that you really can’t please everyone all the time, and people make mistakes. But, in the end, the question is, is it worth forgiving?

As for my update,

I am back in writing tonight, I haven’t been able to do any all week because of all the assignments I have due for school, but now I have a few hours to get some serious writing and posting done. I will update you when I have new work out. Thank you guys for reading! ♥

– Anisa Nasir ♥



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