Dear Diary: New Beginnings & Learning To Grow! ♥

Dear Diary,

Well, as you can tell from my header image, some things have changed, and one of them is definitely appearance. Why? Honestly, because I wanted a change, I wanted to feel again, and one day, one day I’ll be ready to return to who I was. When we lose a lot in our lives, a change can sometimes do us very good. In my case, things have already began to look up.

Today, I did things I haven’t done in years, and it definitely felt good to feel like myself again. I’ve gotten back into my writing, on top of all my school work, and I still have time for myself. I know I say this a lot, but I’ll say it once more:

“Things DO get better.”

And when you look back, you’ll realize just how strong you’ve become. I’ve come a long way, and my road isn’t bent on ending because when one dream comes true, another one is waiting to be dreamt up.

Get dreaming! They do, come true! 😉

Thanks for reading! ♥

– Anisa Nasir ♥


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