Before We Die

Before We Die

Darling, can you hear these words I speak?

Can’t you see? We have the world at our feet

For this may not be the future in which we seek

But, this puzzle is the end we are soon to meet.

Come with me, my dearest, let me show you the world

You have no idea of what you’ve done to this silent girl

I’ve broken the mold, from the history, from what is old

For we dance the summer’s hottest day, and the winter’s bitter cold.

Let us live a thousand lives, before we die

Let us wipe the tears of those who’ve cried

We may not know who we truly are inside

There is much more to discover, darling don’t you hide.

So take what is yours, I’ll take what is mine

And together, we are off to find

The adventure, once we cross that line

The journey, once we open our minds.

Let us, live a thousand lives

Before we die.

Copyright © 2013 Anisa Nasir

All Rights Reserved © 


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