Dear Diary: Take A Breather ♥

Dear Diary,

Well, first off, I’ve gotten rid of my old blog theme and began to try something new. Getting into the spirit of what I’m really doing with my life. Now that my grades are picking up, I have time to write, I have time to breathe again and a reason to stay awake. You know when you’re so deep into your depression, where staying awake really isn’t an option?

That’s how bad it was for me. I then realized how hard things can hurt, even though I used to be so strong. There will always be a weakness in all of us, somewhere once hit, it can break us but the important thing to remember is that you can overcome it.

I’m happy now. I know who I am, I feel entirely like myself, and I can begin to talk about things I’m doing, things that interest me, instead of focusing all my energy into the bad. The bad will always be there, one way or another but the important thing is to smile.

We are so strong as human beings, our opportunities are endless once we open our eyes, sit back and observe. The truth is, sometimes we’re so caught up in a problem that seems so big at the time, we forget that there’s the rest of the world just outside our door waiting for us to explore it.

“Give yourself five minutes, and just breathe. Imagine what you’d want your perfect life to be, and set your goals, because you’ll obtain it soon enough. Working hard does pay off, so don’t give up. Your life is just beginning.”

Thanks for reading! ♥

– Anisa Nasir ♥

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