The Murderous Mistress

The Murderous Mistress

There I stood, watching from a distance

There she stood, none other than a crimson grimace

Her red stilettos walked away, from what was said

For the man she loved, was finally dead.

      Down the alleyways, into the starless unlit

Another life taken, another throat slit

The story remained untold, the truth left to unfold

Before another body, to lay out in the cold.

What has been seen, remains within us

The truth to be unveiled, we must

But how is one to speak of treachery

When one cannot speak of the memory.

Her red lips curl, once again a heartless girl

I closed my eyes, pretending that no one dies

But, it all floods back, a painless heart attack

For now, it is time.

Cold, the Winter around me

My breath was foreseen

I watched and I waited

For the girl, who was fated.

She held up her knife, to yet another man

But now, it was too hard to withstand

My hands grasped the weapon, but she beckoned

She leered at her feet, but I didn’t care to see

What she planned to do with me.

As I took my eyes off her porcelain face

She was preparing herself for the chase

Red, blue, white, they flashed in and out of my mind

I knew who they were going to find.

I tried to escape, I tried run

But this girl, was having too much fun

Fear overcame, she’d never be tamed

This was all just another game.

Pushed to the ground, I fought for my life

But it was too late, by the last silver knife

Another victim of the truth that needed to be said

Careful now, you might just end up dead.

Copyright © 2013 Anisa Nasir

All Rights Reserved ©

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