The Other Half of Me ♥

The Other Half of Me

I’ve waited for years, descending from a life of tears

Memories of what we had, remain right here

I’ve lost myself, when I succumbed to you

Now tell me love, what am I to do?


I speak a language you don’t understand

You were my idea of a perfect man

But all isn’t fair in love and war

For now I’ve closed our last door.


You were everything to me; my heart

You gave me love from the very start

Though darling, you’ve taken away

Every part of me lost till this day.


This is the reason for what I’ve done

This is no longer a game I never won

I’m beginning again, finding that there is no end

Until the very rules of history, are the ones you bend.


I loved you like never before

Though you’ve taken all of me and more

In this shattered mirror, I’m not what I see

Because now, you’re a distant memory.


No longer, the other half of me.

Copyright © 2013 Anisa Nasir

 All Rights Reserved ©


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About This Poem:

This poem is a basic description of everything I have gone through in the past few months, and being able to speak about what I’m feeling through the language I know best (Poetry) makes it especially dear to me. Everyone faces hard decisions in their lives, but no matter how much it hurts, making the right decision is never wrong in the end. 


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