Kissed By The Flame, Loved By Freedom ♥

Kissed By The Flame, Loved By Freedom 

I loved the way you’ve entered my mind, seduction is your crime

Find within us both, the flame that flickers at most 

To whom we believe we are, for envy grows in your heart

This dispirited desire was lingering from the start. 


The beat of my heart, it quickens with your touch

The way I’d hesitate, it was all to much 

I craved what I knew I could never have, until impulse is precise

Take your turn my love, roll those dice. 


Your fingertips, softly brush the nape of my neck

Darling, caress me in the art of discotheque 

Release the raven, who’s blood is black 

Show me the lusted, that alluring heart attack. 


There is freedom in the love we’ve expressed

Though, the worst isn’t over yet

Burning the ashes of our past we believe

As if our dark side could not conceive. 


Time is crawling, we are all falling 

This abattoir of tempted eyes is calling

Let my lips leave upon you a trail of fire

Say we are loved by freedom, for I am not a liar. 


Copyright © 2013 Anisa Nasir

All Rights Reserved © 


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