Dear Diary: Time To Get Back Into Being Productive! ☛

Dear Diary.

Well, this weekend had been pretty suck-ish. Why you may ask? Well, it was one of those weeks where everything got a little too overwhelming, everything began to stop making sense. I didn’t want to have to go backwards into my past, not even for a second, no matter how bad my heart wanted it. But, I did. I was faced with a situation where impulse was all I had. Do I regret it? I’m not sure. What I do regret is letting myself get into such a position.

I am sixteen. I have so much left to live for, and there’s no time in sitting around my house wishing I was doing something. It’s time to DO SOMETHING. I have found it so hard to pull myself up out of these places, these horrible, dark places, but it has been done, and it can be done again. It just takes a little push, a little inspiration. There’s absolutely nothing that you can’t do once you put your mind to it, and that’s honestly true. Now, it’s time to stop worrying about the things I can’t change, and begin to change the things I can.

If you’re going through a lot, just know that even if you feel like no one understands, there are people that do. Giving in, and trusting someone can be difficult, but don’t lose out on knowing great people because you feel lost within yourself. YOU are full of opportunity, and it’s time to show the world that you CAN do it.

Thanks for reading! ♥

Much love,

Anisa Nasir ♥



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