UPDATE: Of Appassionato Noir: Chapter One Up On Wattpad!

Hello again guys! 

Well, seconds ago I concluded the first chapter of my novel “Of Appassionato Noir” which I have posted to Wattpad.com and if you’d like to have a read of that, please head on over to this link: http://www.wattpad.com/18943046-of-appassionato-noir-chapter-one-we-grieve-what-we?d=ud#.Ub00u_bEpe4

Of Appassionato Noir Cover

This chapter surrounds Annika and her struggle to escape the world she has found herself in. She is faced with new characters, new decisions, and maybe the answer to all of her problems. She is a big dreamer, and all she ever wanted was to see the world for what it really is today. Will she get this chance? Have a read and find out now!  I hope you guys enjoy this story, there are MANY surprises left to come! 

Thanks for reading! ♥

Much love,

Anisa Nasir ♥


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