Dear Diary: Where Our Vitals Are ♥

Dear Diary,

“Laziness is a disease!”

There’s much truth to this. Sometimes we find ourselves unable to do absolutely anything. Our laziness controls us, just as any disease would. It is one that needs to be fought, and for me, it’s a constant battle. When we begin to really believe in ourselves and push ourselves to the limit, that’s when we begin to see our true potential. It’s been a long time since I had the will to sit down and blog out of free will, to write out of free will, and to do proper update posts out of free will. 

It feels good to keep yourself busy.  Now, I’m not saying work yourself until you can’t go anymore, I’m saying to take pleasure in what it is you do, and work hard. There’s so much we can accomplish if we really try, and there’s so many places we can end up, if we really try.

I want to get more into my blog, and my writing, so I will! It’s really that simple. Once you take that first step, and push yourself, there’s absolutely nothing that you can’t accomplish. And, that’s the truth. 

Sometimes we need to take a step back, and have a real look at our lives. We need to ask ourselves if this is the way we want to continue, or if there’s something more we could be doing that would put us where we want to be. There is SO much potential, and SO much opportunity out there. So, what are you waiting for?

Leave the bed, leave the couch, get out and take a chance.


Thanks for reading! ♥

– Anisa Nasir ♥



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