My Notebook: Poetry (2 Pieces)!

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Who Am I? (Poetically Penned: The Black Widow Spider) 

When does this violence cease?

Dependent and dead, a heart that pleads

Who am I to change this fate?

Who am I to believe there is hope?

Who, am I?

All I’ve believed, perceived to be love

Silence is at it’s loudest, my love

Who am I to tear down this wall?

Who am I to fear what is waiting?

Who, am I?

We believe the truth we desire

We fall to our knees, chaos is dire

Who am I to feed my soulless body?

Who am I to quench this lingering thirst?

Who, am I?

This beast resides, he hides within

Unleashed, to seek out what has been

Who am I to tame his blackened vixen?

Who am I to hold over my truth?

Who, am I?

If you believe in the darkness I’ve seen

Then you will see what I truly mean

Is this the path you wish to belong?

Is this feeling oh so wrong?

Who am I to decide what is the truth?

Who am I to decide what is the lie?

For what I know, inside I have died.

Now, who am I?

Copyright © 2013 Anisa Nasir

All Rights Reserved ©

The Chronicles of An Unconventional Dreamer (Pretty Little Poet: Poetics [Weekly-Updated]♥)

She smiles up at me, this little girl 

Two eyes of adventure, ready to face the world

She faced no doubt, for she knows to whom she belongs

She is none but her own, a destiny prolonged. 


With every word to leave her lips

A heart that never shatters, never rips

Her love is beyond any other, that is pure

Our diseased minds, for that is the only cure.


One day she will say

“Mommy, we will make it through the day.”

When I can no longer be strong

She will stand tall, only to prove me wrong.


One day, I will have tales to tell

The story of a princess that fell down the well

Unable to climb out of this treachery that lingered

One day I’ll hold happiness between my fingers.


For I am young, but this day will come

I’ll sing the words of a song I held dear 

For one day I will wither, yet I will live 

Because this legacy of love is left to give.


Show me the reflection of darkness

Purity, within the lost, the heartless 

There is a legacy to write of, dear child

For it all may disappear in a little while.


Dream of the world as if it were perfect

There is a story we haven’t heard quite yet

Write your destiny and fall into truth 

For this, this is your freedom.


This is your youth.♥-the#.UdOao5ViFcw 

Copyright © 2013 Anisa Nasir

All Rights Reserved ©

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Much love,

Anisa Nasir ♥

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