Game Review: Tomb Raider 2013




Following the extremely badass Lara Croft on the action-packed adrenaline rush 

of the century, this game is the perfect mix of adventure,  mystery, and all 

around surprises. This, being the first Xbox 360 game I’ve actually completed, I 

can finally gush about how much I love it. 

From the graphics, to the characters, this game doesn’t fail to excite. I mean,

which gamergirl doesn’t get excited by a strong female character? It’s a dream

come true for me. To all you gamers out there that have not checked this game

out, it’s a must.

Also, if any of you writers or there are looking for an inspiration plunge,

gaming really transports you to an entirely different world, much like curling

up with a book that is virtually an emotional roller-coaster in words. We’ve all

been there!

Happy Gaming!

– Anisa Nasir ♥

“I apologize for how short this is, and how short my other reviews can be. I am working on making them longer and getting into details. Still got plenty to learn! I just want to share the things that really excite me here on my blog!.”


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