Dear Diary: Where Have You Been, Pretty Little Poet? ♥


“Don’t underestimate the things you can accomplish. Everything gets better, and you? You get stronger.”

Dear Diary,

Well I’ve begun school, and that’s where I’ve been for the last couple of days. That’s why I hadn’t had the chance to talk to you guys, or write, or do anything else but stick my head in a book. That’s right! We’ve been so packed with work, I haven’t had a moment for myself till now, and it feels so good to breathe knowing there isn’t anything I’m forgetting to do. I do have some reviews that will be up later this week, and I have a seven-week psychology project to do that focuses on… Writing! Killing two birds with one stone here! I have to track my writing time, progress, and improvements. That is the perfect way to establish a balance between Anisa the writer, and Anisa the student. 


As for how my social life is going at school, I’d say it’s going pretty good. I was so afraid to not have my best friend there this week, but I’ve learnt to stand on my own to feet, and putting it to the test, I’ve succeeded. Now, I’ve signed up for Music Class (and I’m entirely a shy person), I’m taking Tennis again (and I’m entirely a lazy person), because this year I am dead set on becoming the girl I believe I am.

The first day of school was the toughest, not because I had any issues with my peers, my teachers, or anything school related anyway. It was the make or break point for my heart, and it inevitably had its last break.  I knew that feeling well, it had been present months before, and I gave it one last shot, and it failed. I did what I do best, I smiled through it, and made it through with my head high.

We, as teenagers don’t have to rely on “love” to get us through. Love is a beautiful thing, we have it from our friends, and family, but when it comes to that one significant other, it’ll happen in time. Focus on yourself, focus on becoming the kind of person you’d like to see yourself with. A good, kindhearted, strong person. (And, entirely badass!) 😉

Thanks for reading! ♥

Beacoup D'amour - Anisa Nasir


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