My Notebook (Poetry): “Abelia” ♥


This was simple, this was life

You were magnificent, until that night

What was it that had been severed?

For my love was to become what you’d endeavor.


Running, running, running I was 

For this had become what darkness does

Swallowing, swallowing, swallowing it was

I was lost to myself, a memory aborning. 


Out to the lake, blackened was midnight 

My heart, it raced. Was it terror? Was it fright?

Tripping, slipping, gripping the darkening trance

This night, the night where the death will the dance. 


A little child, I heard her cry

Suffocating, losing life, she was about to die

I ran, I breathed, I couldn’t bear to see

To see, what was standing right in front of me. 


Bloody was her dress, black was her eyes

No pupils I see, what does she make of me?

Has the devil enraptured her, captured her? 

I hear the words from her lips, slur. 


Another deep breath, I take a step forward

She growls, she scowls, she howls 

This animal embodied, a little girl’s body

What must I do now?


I reach for her arm, she slaps it away

I see sunlight, I see the rays of approaching day

Has it been so long, have I come all this way? 

Who is this little girl with a dead bouquet? 


She screams once more, a sound forlorn 

She looks at me with eyes of secret scorn

A wisp of wind, and she is who she is again

Not the monster she was then. 


“What is your name, dear child?”

“Abelia,” she says to me

A single tear from her eye in disbelief

She is, and she will be, life’s greatest mystery. 

Copyright © 2013 Anisa Nasir

All Rights Reserved © 


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Beacoup D'amour - Anisa Nasir


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