My Notebook (Poetry): The Intervention ♥


The Intervention

Sing with me, these words I mean

This hardship of life, I’m sure we’ve all seen

Caught up in broken love, a curse from up above 

Now as one, we must intervene. 


Can you believe the pain we’ve been through?

Can you see just how far we’ve come?

Not a day goes by, without a fight

Preliminary perfection, of love without intervention.


This is not another tragedy, no Sir

This is a life, a truth, unlike no other

No one has the ability of empathy 

Where I wield my pen like a sword with the emotion in me. 


Every word marks a new beginning 

For every day is a battle we’re winning

True pain is felt in the heart of one soul

Until the lovelorn lover, grows heartless and cold.


They never change, do they not?

No riddle, no rhyme can change this plot

Don’t you dare waste another tear

For his future will have him trembling in fear. 

Copyright © 2013 Anisa Nasir

All Rights Reserved ©

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