Dear Diary: Why Us Teenagers Hate School and Panic Attacks♥


Dear Diary,

We all have those days when we realize we haven’t been at our best. My day happened earlier this week. I had my first Panic Attack. Panic attacks are one of the scariest things I know to be in existence. That feeling, that indescribable feeling of the world closing in on you, losing the ability to breath, and feel like you’re on the verge of withering away is one feeling I never want to experience again. It is even worse when you’re not sure what triggered it. It is a painful thing, to feel that kind of pain, but let me tell you right now one thing that I’ve learnt. REMEMBER TO BREATHE. When we’re stuck in that kind of situations, we forget to do the little things, and taking that one deep breath can make all the difference. Take a moment to reflect on your life, don’t wait on something to drive that feeling in with fear.

It dawned on me that I haven’t been living my life to its full potential. I have been putting things off for later, I have come up with more excuses than I can count, and where has that got me? It has put me here. Regretting all the time I’ve wasted. The truth is we are never going to be able to change what has already happened, and if things seem like they’re not working out, then let it be and fix what you can. If you feel the need to cry then cry, because bottling up your emotions will lead to nothing good in the future. Crying does not make you weak, crying symbolizes that you’re allowing yourself to feel.

All of us teenagers (well most of us anyway) say that we hate school. Why do we hate school? We’re given an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to become someone. Yes it’ll be hard, yes there will be problems, and yes you will inevitably find yourself in problems, but there is always a way out. Things are only as bad as you make them, and I’ve learnt that the hard way. What’s even harder, is trying to let go of someone/something you love dearly. Trying to give them/it space to manifest into whatever it wants. Sometimes it is better to let things be than to take action, only if it isn’t harming you in any way. Be strong darlings, life is only going to get harder.

You’ll get through it all, once you believe you can.

Thanks for reading! ♥

Beacoup D'amour - Anisa Nasir

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