Book Review: Safe Haven ✭✭✭✭✭

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If you haven’t read this book as yet, please do not go any further because I have gone into detail and I’d never want to spoil a good read! 

Let me take a moment to discuss the book I truly believed to be a good ol’ fashioned love story that would bring tears to my eyes, much like The Notebook did. That, is not what happened, at all.


This book is an emotional rollercoaster, that I am positive of. It has the beautiful love story that Nicholas Sparks tends to bring to his books, but this book, this one was different. I was beyond shocked to learn of Kevin’s character in this book. Kevin, being to the abusive husband in this story, the one who Nicholas allowed us to get inside his head, and feel what he was feeling as he searched endlessly for the wife that had ran away, the wife he loved, and the wife he wanted to find and kill.


I haven’t had a book that brought me to tears, in such a long time, and this one definitely did. I fell in love with each character (Except for Kevin, of course) and I thought that this book was extremely well-written. It was written in such a way that we didn’t just have one point of view in this story, there were multiple, and that was switching from experience to experience throughout the book, hence emotional rollercoaster.


The fact that Alex was a single dad, that had lost his wife that he was in love with was sad enough, but for meeting with Katie/Erin and falling in love with her, only to learn that she too had been through a lot was double saddening. I have to say that this book was a definite five-star for me, and I have yet to watch the movie to see if it lives up (The book is always better than the movie).


The end of the book was my favorite part, because she realized that she had made friends with Jo, who had been Alex’s wife all along. That brought me to tears, as well as made me extremely happy because everyone got a happy ending (Except for Kevin!).


If you have read this, and haven’t read the book yet, shame on you! I warned you at the beginning I was going into detail!


Thanks for reading! ♥

Beacoup D'amour - Anisa Nasir


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