Dear Diary: Let’s Begin This Week With Our Heads Held High. ♥


“Forget it Alice it’s just a dream. It’s not a dream, it’s a memory.” – Alice Liddell (Alice: Madness Returns)

Dear Diary, 

There isn’t much to say about what’s been happening lately. I’ve had it pretty good, and I’ve been working hard. However, I have a lot of plans for poetry this week, and that’s exciting. I haven’t had a reason to write poetry in a while, as I’ve been without a Muse. I guess you could say I’ve been lacking in inspiration, much because it has been upsetting that I won’t be able to finish NaNo this year because of all the school work I have, but that doesn’t mean I’d stop writing. I just have to use my time wisely.

I have been gaming a lot recently, and my favorite game thus far is definitely “Alice: Madness Returns.” The game has beautiful graphics and the storyline is absolutely perfect. I hope to write stories that could be portrayed like this one has been. (Yep, I dream to write a storyline for a video game one day).

I’ve had a lot of time to think, I guess I usually always have time to think because I generally don’t have anyone to share my thoughts with. But, it dawned on me, that I haven’t hurt in a while, and emotionally I haven’t been this strong in a while. Carpe Diem! There’s nothing that gives you the drive to work harder than being motivated, inspired, and ready to take on the world.

I’m looking forward to having time to play “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag” this week as well. I’ll have to review both these games when I complete them. That’s also something I have to look forward to. Well, that’s all for now, look out for poetry here, and on later this week!

Thanks for reading! ♥

Beacoup D'amour - Anisa Nasir


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