Dear Diary: Happy 2014! Let’s Bring In The New Year Right. ♥︎


“Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” (Even though this is technically the second day of the New Year)

Dear Diary, 

Happy New Year! Well, having a pretty crappy holiday hasn’t made me very excited about the New Year, but now that I’ve managed to pull myself up, I can’t believe that it’s the beginning of a new year! Today is the beginning, today is a fresh start. I’m sure that all of us are setting goals, and most of the time, we never carry out these goals. However, this year I’m going to make the absolute effort to do just that. We can’t make change until we actually get up and do something about it, right?

So, here are the New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Stop The Worry: I need to stop worrying about things I inevitably cannot change. I need to look towards the future, but at the same time, live every day to the fullest. (So far = Successful).

2. Write More – Publish More: I have planned to make the absolute effort to write a lot. I say that so much, and I never end up doing it. (But, if I manage to keep my head held high and my worry far from my mind, I should be able to stay inspired).

3. Read More: I have just recently completed a book, and it feels good to be back into reading again! (I will have a book review on it up soon!) I want to stay within my reading passions, and love every new adventure I come across.

4. Do Well In School: I have to stop worrying about my grades, and start putting effort into actually studying. It’s not enough to get my assignments in on time, because there is more work to be done in order to achieve what I want.

5. Stay Healthy: No more soda for me! I’ve been strictly Iced-Tea-Drinking since I’ve been here in Florida over Christmas break. (I know, it may not be healthy, but it is a step up from soda). I’ve been watching my vitamin count, and keeping a healthy mindset as well. (Staying healthy pays off).

6. Keep A Journal: I always begin a journal, and I never finish it. I plan to keep a journal this year, and finish it. I have one on my computer, as well as a written one so I can get my thoughts out whenever I need to.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year, and may your goals be reachable. If you want big change, there must be little changes. Get going!

Thanks for reading! ♥︎

Beacoup D'amour - Anisa Nasir

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