Dear Diary: The Part That No One Understands ♥︎


“Who are we, if not misunderstood?”

Dear Diary,  

 What I don’t quite understand is how people begin to justify their decisions to openly judge people based on a whirlwind of absolute nothings. Everyone is bound to feel misunderstood once in a while, and everyone has things they haven’t dealt with before. It’s all part of life. So when does it become too much? When is it time to finally let go of that debacle that is solemnly keeping us from becoming the person we want to be?

I have spent much of the little years I have had wishing I could become the person I see in my head. This girl has the drive to do anything, the strength and will to become anything she wants to be. She spends her days enraptured in the good that laces her everyday life and she spends her nights with her typewriter, creating magic. What is keeping me from becoming that girl? What is holding me back from reaching my full potential. You see that, that is the question that keeps me up at night. I’d go back to thinking of where I used to be, and the person I once was, wishing I could return there again. I’ve somehow come to realize that I don’t belong there anymore.

I feel that if I had the chance to venture back there, I’d change absolutely nothing, and my world would turn out just the same. If there’s one thing I know for sure, the girl on the outside shows great potential and dreams big, but the girl inside has met her dreams and waits for the day when another would surface, waiting to be chased.

With all of that being said, I haven’t quite understood why I have been feeling so empty, so masked lately. Maybe it’s because I had begun to lose myself, but maybe it is just another question to ponder over a cup of something hot and a hell of a lot of ideas.

Until next time. ♥︎

Beacoup D'amour - Anisa Nasir


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