Damned. ♥︎


Copyright © 2014 Anisa Nasir


What is it I see here, a black door for the fallen
The one day of winter, the blankets trodden
In remembrance of how we pity the deceived
For this damnation is the life we’ve achieved.

There’s a meaning that runs like blood in my veins
Like the Red Queen and that how she reigns
This utter shade of shadow that knows very well
For this damnation is life itself.

I wondered when again I’d be able to feel
As though this life is not at all real
But it is a dream within a dream stated by thee
For once I’d like to feel what it’s like to be free.

I hold dear the somber call of siren’s night
There is no need to hide for suffering, in fright
Forlorn until the day we besiege
To escape the life we’ll one day grieve.

The pain will only last so long
Until the utterance, that it is wrong
Who says one can’t rise from their darkest hour?
We’re all damned, until we’ve lost that of the eminent dour.

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