Erstwhile and Ever Afters: The Introduction ♥︎

Hello there! ♥︎

Well I’ve done it! I’ve finally plunged right back into writing wholeheartedly. It was never lost, it was merely put off. Though, I decided that I wouldn’t be getting anything done if I didn’t make time. So, I began a new collection that has reinstated my passion for writing right where it needs to be. This collection is entitled “Erstwhile and Ever Afters” because it speaks of what was, and what is to come. I hold this collection very dear to my heart, and there it is dripping with truth and real emotion. It will continue to encompass everything that I am feeling, and there will not be a forced piece in it. 

I do want this collection to run for twenty-two poems, each poem consisting of twenty-two lines. I hope that you’ll stick around on this journey to completing this collection as well as understanding who I am becoming as a writer. This collection is published on and if you are interested in checking it out, please follow this link: ♥︎ 

Please do check back, because I will be updating when there is new content available. Also, I have a page on the top bar of my blog that will give you a little insight and the link as well. I hope that you do enjoy the work that has gone into this, and the work that has yet to come. There are only three poems so far, but I believe that is a start! Do enjoy! 

Erstwhile and Ever Afters Cover

Love, Anisa Nasir


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