Inspiration: How About Some Writing Tunes? ♥︎

Hello lovelies! ♥︎

I decided that since I have been writing nonstop for the last few weeks (since it is Summer, and there isn’t anything I would rather be doing right now than watching my story unfold), I would share the kind of music I like to listen to when I write. Music is definitely a mood-setter, a way to captivate yourself in the scene you are trying to pen, and it isn’t always easy to find what works for you. Though, it doesn’t hurt to play around and find something that will help set the mood you are trying to create. I usually try to choose music that mirrors what I am trying to convey, and whether that be something defiantly action-packed, lustful, or even dark, there is always a sound that I like to have accompany it.

Right now, the novel that I am currently working on (and putting a lot of work into, without slacking off for once!) does stem from a very dark, but at the same time tastefully sexy place. There is a lot of ups and downs, problematic occurrences, and many unresolved issues. (I can’t wait until this is finished and I’ll be able to start going more in depth about it all). However, there are specific artists that I pull out for different chapters, characters, or behaviors. It is common to associate a piece of music with a certain part of your story, but did you ever think about having a piece of music that is solely for your character or a certain behavior? Kind of like a theme song.

It is always good to step out of your comfort zone once in a while upon writing. I never thought I’d be able to go into detail about certain things that take place in my novel, or the way in which people react. The truth of the matter is, we are all growing up, and we’re learning. We don’t have to be afraid that that is reflecting on the way we write. I know I have been!  

Back to the matter at hand, my top ten artists right now that have kept me on track with this novel so far are:

1. The Weeknd

2. Lindsey Stirling 

3. Broods

4. July Child

5. Birdy

6. Ellie Goulding 

7. Panic! At The Disco

8. The Pretty Reckless 

9. The Vitamin String Quartet 

10. Charlotte OC

Making playlists is always a good way of having a bunch of different emotions all in one place at the ready for the fast pace adventure that is your piece of writing, but I personally find it more satisfying to listen to albums at a time that appeal to what I am writing about, and spend more time with one artist than one song. I hope this has given you a few ideas into your writing, and that my personal music-writing style has helped you out a bit. 

Love, Anisa Nasir

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