Poetry: A Sin Like Marilyn – “Pretty Dirty Dossier”

            “In retrospect, there has always been something apocalyptic about the way we love. I bathed in the idea that a band of words perfectly strung together could make me arch my back and bite my lip in anticipation. I hid behind the desire to explore what these words would look like on paper. I give you the end of my comfort zone; I give you a classically lusty collection that has been begging me to write it for years. This is my pretty dirty dossier.”

Anisa Nasir


A Sin Like Marilyn 

I do not know how to coexist

A driven dalliance, lovers amiss

Forlorn I had been, caught up in whiskey bliss

How could we abandon a love like this?


Begging to be touched,




Bathing in sin,

A sin like Marilyn.


I cannot help but pin my fancies on your seams

They glide down your skin, and into my dreams

I bite my lip in anticipation, for you to see

Just how much you mean to me.


Wrap my legs around your waist,




Drowning in sin,

A sin like Marilyn.


When she thrusts her hands at you, longing for control

Remember that my cold fingers held your soul

Feel me; taste me, when the memory eats that beautiful grin

We all thirst to begin; to live in sin, a sin like Marilyn.

Copyright © 2014 Anisa Nasir

All Rights Reserved ©

Much Love, 

Anisa Nasir 


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