A Twisted Tale: The Wonderland Massacre (Coming Soon)


“On April 2nd, 2015, we stumbled upon a seemingly brilliant idea. Taking a moment to view Britney Seereeram’s artwork, I realized that it would make for a great story. “Something wicked this way comes.” I soon realized. Her artwork gave way to a very dark idea, something that would challenge Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe as well as paying tribute Lewis Carroll. We bring forth a twisted tale, something revolutionary to challenge young thinkers as well as give way to a darker fantasy. Something not many writers would do today. We both do hope you enjoy.”

Hello everyone! ♥︎

Well my writing is in full swing again and I have a little short that is coming to you all soon. My friend, Britney Seereeram, has done some drawings (like the cover above) that inspired the idea for this twisted Alice in Wonderland tale. Of course, there are many out there, but this is our take on a simple story that pays tribute to something relatively darker. The story is still in its writing stages, but once it is done I will be sure to share it with you all, as well as those on Wattpad.com 

This story is about something much deeper than a dark fantasy, it is to show something vibrantly revolutionary amongst our writing culture today as well as what it must’ve been like back then. Alice is a character that has quite the split personality, She is young, and very troubled. I cannot wait to show you what she is like, and the kind of conflict she is going to have to face. It may not be a story with a happy ending, but it will most certainly be one that will take you all for a ride. I hope you’re all looking out for it!


(Artwork by: Britney Seereeram) 

Love, Anisa Nasir (2)


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