The New Chapter

“With every hardship comes ease. The beginnings can be tough, but they say that the destination is worth it. That, I have to find out for myself.” 

So, I begin University on Monday. I have made it my mission to change a lot in my life during these past few weeks. After my anxiety spell had ended, I managed to make a full 360. Tomorrow, I’m moving into my new apartment and my new life truly begins. 

Of course I’m terrified. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Going from living in a relatively small area and going to school with less than a hundred people and then being thrown into this entirely new environment. That is bound to upset the balance of things a little. However, as time goes on I’m slowly realizing how far I’ve come. I’ve let go of so much since I’ve graduated. I’ve learnt so much.

I guarantee that there are going to be many mistakes made in the future, but those I will learn from. I can’t grow as a person if my experiences don’t reflect everything I hope to be. My life today has become something I had been dreaming about my entire final year of high school. Being able to call it a reality has left a warm feeling in my heart.

I also want to spend more time capturing this journey, so if there is one place to do it, it will be here. Sharing my experiences allow me to actively participate in the remembrance of the good times and the bad. Therefore reminding me that I’ve come so far, and I’ve got so much more spirit in me. Love, Anisa Nasir (3)


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