Noticing The Changes

"It is important to keep track of the changes we set out to make. It keeps us in check, and it reminds us not to make the same mistake twice." I've changed.  When people ask me, what I've been up to as of recent, I hesitate to tell them that my life is currently at [...]

Write Naked: Full Collection Thus Far On Wattpad!

“In retrospect, there has always been something apocalyptic about the way we love. I bathed in the idea that a band of words perfectly strung together could make me arch my back and bite my lip in anticipation. I hid behind the desire to explore what these words would look like on paper. I give [...]

A Journey Left Unexplored

"I've been incredibly hypocritical lately. I've been advising people to do what they love, and what have I been doing? Nothing." There comes a time in all of our lives when we find that we aren't happy. We're desperately looking for ways to replace that stomach churning feeling with an idea of happiness we've come [...]