Composing Something That Matters

“Compose with me.”  Often times I’d try to sit down and force myself to write. I’d try to remind myself that it was something that came naturally, something that would never fail me. I, like many writers, have off days. I have days when I have the urge to write, but nothing seems to fit, nothing […]

Clueless: A Short Story

CLUELESS “As a little girl I remembered being praised for my grace, admired for my finesse, but what people forgot to mention was the imminent destruction that was my heart. As I aged, I hoped that my morality would follow, but to my knowledge, I am much the same as I was then. I have […]

Greater Storylines and Food for Thought

“Greater storylines aren’t supposed to make you feel like yours is lacking, They are supposed to lend themselves as forms of inspiration. Come out of it feeling like you want to do more.”  People often ask me, “What do you do with your spare time when you aren’t writing?” and I always reply with, “I’m either reading […]

The Train of Thought and the Greater Goals

“I’d like to think I’m making ample progress in ensuring I’m getting to where I want to be. That everything I’ve been trying so desperately to keep track of, will eventually pay off and I can finally feel like I’ve accomplished something.”  I like to envision my train of thought as being more a tsunami than a […]

I’ve Had Time To Think

“Allowing for quality time with your mind can be a dangerous thing, but it can open a lot of doors. Sometimes, that mess of a train of thought is exactly what you need to be focusing on.” For the past month, I’ve been stuck in a situation I have no control over, and for quite […]

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