Clueless: A Short Story

Clueless Book Cover (Large)


“As a little girl I remembered being praised for my grace, admired for my finesse, but what people forgot to mention was the imminent destruction that was my heart. As I aged, I hoped that my morality would follow, but to my knowledge, I am much the same as I was then. I have been fighting as hard as I was then. I was grateful for the moments in which I could abscond from the misfortune that was my life. They’d ask me to tell a story; from the pointe of my nimbleness to the simple elegance in the imagination that I can call my own. The kind that breathes life into every arabesque and pirouette that I reveal to the world.”

I wrote this story for a creative writing assignment in High School, and I’ve just recently stumbled upon it again. I had to share it, as I remember feeling very inspired when I was writing it. It was one of those stories that I looked back upon and felt accomplished. Even though I had to end it abruptly due to its due date, I’m still very happy with it. Click the link above to read! I hope you all do enjoy it!

Love, Anisa Nasir (3)


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