“I’ll Do It Tomorrow,” You Said. Though, It Never Got Done

“If you’re anything like me, your will to get something done often surpasses what you actually do. I know how frustrating that can be, I also know how easy it is to put off what feels to be relatively unimportant at a given time. That is what needs to change. When I started to prioritize the goals I actually wanted to accomplish, putting them right up there with the deadlines and responsibilities I have to combat on a daily basis, they became manageable. I have even reached some of those goals.” 

When I woke up this morning, all I could think was, “I know I filled my schedule last night for this morning, but I don’t really need to do any of these things today. I can stay in bed, I don’t feel too great today anyway.” That was a rather lame excuse, if I do say so myself. I hauled myself out of bed, and took to the list of things I needed to accomplish. Now, I may not have done as much as I would when my work ethic is in overdrive, though I did manage to finish the list. As I crossed off each item, I realized that even on the days I wish I could be doing anything else but what I need to do, those are the days I need to put in the most effort.

Putting in the effort is half the work, for it is convincing yourself to get it done that is the hard part. As I sat to write today, every instinct in my body was telling me that there are other things I needed to do as well. That in itself clouded my mind, making it nearly impossible to get anything down on paper. I decided that I wasn’t going to procrastinate this time, so I put on some music (This time: Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Green Aphrodisiac”) and got to it. Now, even as I’m writing this, I still don’t feel the best. However, I feel better than I did this morning, I feel that I can award myself with a break (Probably an episode of “Criminal Minds”) and clear my head to prepare for more productivity. This is a noticeable change that I’ve made since the beginning of the year, for I was always the one that only worked under pressure. Never did I ever think I could be utilizing the free-time I actually had.

Today I wrote the first most important part of my novel and it was something worth noting, for I have started many projects in the past, but I do not think I have yet come this far and been this proud of the work I’ve done. I hope that by this time next year, I will have actually have a finished manuscript. That is a goal that I am aiming for, that is a goal I will work towards every day from now on. It all begins by saying, “I’ll do it today.”

Love, Anisa Nasir (3)


  1. nayardt says:

    Lovely post. I could really relate!

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