The Escapist and Her Blithe

“I woke up feeling a bit uninspired, so I thought I’d take a break from my novel and do a writing prompt. Something short without the attachment of a full-blown storyline. Something to restore my creative flow.” 

The night crawled beneath my skin as I tore through the walls of my memory, racing against my odds. Barefoot and pleading with nothing but my sweet questionings, I was no longer afraid. I was a dirty soul, and there was no saving a woman that has bargained her freedom to remain on the arm of a man that spoke only in pleasantries. I longed to spend my days away from the empty rooms, for the bare white walls have dug themselves into my sanity. I remembered the night I lost my mind like it was the only thing holding me together. I am no longer yours, dear. I hold your wit in my hands, I hold the suffering you’ve bestowed upon me with heavy fists and a clenched haw. When you wake, you’ll find that I no longer reside by your bedside.
I could die out here alone, or I could die when you’ve deemed fit. For now, I run. For now, I snatch my freedom from those ignorant fingers, and I will test my limits on my own terms.

Find me, if you will,
I hope by then, I’ve managed to live a little
So that I can once again,
Learn to dream.

I do not exist for your pleasure, I exist to make something of myself. I can feel my head pound, my stomach turn, my life weakening as we speak. Though, I am no soldier, I have learned to defend myself.

A life away from you is a life worth living.

One day I will fall in love with a stranger. His eyes alone will tell me all that I need to hear. I will no longer be considered deliciously improper, I will be known for the woman I wish to be. Tonight marks the first of my escape, with years of untraveled trails to come. You will look for me, not to apologize, not to ask for forgiveness, but to claim me as your property.

The night is growing colder, as I think of all the words I’ll never get to say. A man such as yourself is not a man at all. Your void will remain unfilled, lost beneath your hunger for power, and I will remain, one world away from the one you’ve held me in. Swallow this, darling:

Think of me as your lesson, 
Learn from your mistakes.

Learn from me.
The woman who has escaped.


Copyright © 2016 Anisa Nasir
All Rights Reserved ©

Love, Anisa Nasir (3)

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