I Haven’t Put A Label On It, and I’ll Tell You Why

“Lately, as hard as it’s been to keep up with my varying schedules, I have managed to begin a project I am indeed quite proud of thus far. What’s missing, you ask? The title. As I’ve spent more time with it, I’ve noticed that nothing seems to fit, and that is okay. I’ve always managed to begin writing under […]

Have You Been Writing?

“The writing process is one that can feel like a stretch when you’re sitting back trying to figure out just how you’re going to balance all that you have to do with all that you inevitably want to do. I cannot lie, I’ve been so focused on school as of late, my writing has suffered tremendously. I have noticed […]

Discovering New Opportunities

“I spent quite a long time, nearing eight months at best, wondering what it would be like to return to the life I’ve built away from home. I never anticipated that I’d be as happy as I am, nor did I ever expect just how driven I would become. When you find the right environment, you realize just how […]

Fresh Starts and All That I Need to Remember

“It didn’t feel the same this time. As I returned to the place I began my new life, I remembered just how I was once filled with the world of anxiety, where there was no balance in my life. Where I had no idea how to begin living it. As I sit here writing this, […]

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