Have You Been Writing?

“The writing process is one that can feel like a stretch when you’re sitting back trying to figure out just how you’re going to balance all that you have to do with all that you inevitably want to do. I cannot lie, I’ve been so focused on school as of late, my writing has suffered tremendously. I have noticed that I have bypassed the will entirely with the hopes of getting everything done. Saying that you want to write, and actually writing are two completely different things. Lately, I’ve been saying that I’ll get to it when I have more time, or I’ll get to it when my schedule lightens up a bit, and that is highly unacceptable in my own regard.”

Juggling University classes is hard work. Trying to maintain a set schedule so that you do not fall behind, knowing that you are your own driving force is undoubtedly hard. However, in these situations, what happens to all that you really want to do? For me, I haven’t even managed to give it a second thought until recently just how much I’ve been putting off, and for just how long I’ve managed to do that. I keep saying that once I manage to get a handle on things I’ll get back to my craft, when I know that I have to start saying that there are going to be times I am going to have to sacrifice my time to get it done regardless. 

Falling off of the wagon is something I am evidently good at, but it is the effort I make when I pick myself back up that matters. I realize that I will lose out quite a lot if I do not find the time to pursue my greater goals, and I have to stop worrying quite so much about never doing enough, and do something. When you find that the one thing in your life that keeps you going, the process that keeps you creative begins to dissipate, what much is left? I say, it will be hard, but you’re going to do it anyway. 

“I say, that story that is waiting ever so patiently inside of you, and that story could very well be literary gold. However, if you don’t explore that possibility, if you cannot begin to see its potential, then why are you writing? For whom are you writing? Most importantly, when will you begin again?”

I can’t say that I am going to get up every morning and write a thousand words (just yet) but what I do know is that I am going to get up every morning and write something, do something, that will inevitably help in my making a difference, in my hopeful progression that I will further later on. I will make the effort necessary to reach my goals, and I will make way for many more writing projects to come. Why, with NaNoWriMo slowly approaching, I must make way.

Happy Writing!

Love, Anisa Nasir (3)


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